I recently used Stanley Avenue Tub Company. My bathroom was undergoing a complete remodel taking it back to the original 1922 period look of my home. I spent months looking at fixtures & was really discouraged at how expensive a new tub was going to be. I could easily have spent $1,000 or more on the tub alone. My contractor pointed out that my current period tub, while discolored & stained, was in good physical condition & that they just don't make them like this anymore. He suggested that rather than replacing it we look at refinishing it. He specializes in period homes & has used Stanley Avenue Tub Company on several occasions with great success. The final results far exceeded my expectations. The savings I realized allowed me to upgrade other fixtures I was going to have to cut back on. I used to dread looking at my tub. Now it is a focal point of my bathroom. Thank you Stanley Avenue Tub Company!

- Elizabeth R.

Our 1950 cast iron tub had been resurfaced before, and not by someone who knew what they were doing. It was a mess, with multiple peeling layers all over. These folks made it look new again. But then, when I was reattaching the drain shoe after the curing was done, I accidentally put a small chip the perfect new surface! Stanley Ave Tub came back out and fixed the damage for free, even though it wasn't their fault. Definitely a class act!

-David R.